The ‘ShrBox’ (Share Box) collects inspiring and uplifting stories for kids from authors in various languages worldwide. These stories are then shared with kids through their families or caretakers to inspire and put a smile on their faces. The idea of ‘Share Box’ morphed from a concept that we were working on at the beginning of 2018 for kids. But a better focus, purpose,  and vision for the Share Box, was realized after a visit to the Children’s Hospital in the Boston area.

The ‘Share Box’ operates under the honor system based on trust, honor, and honesty. Anyone accessing ‘Share Box’ can download, play, read directly from the site, or print stories for kids. We have also provided a ‘PDF option’ to convert any story into a PDF document. We are also in the process of building an audio library for stories on ‘Share Box’. As you consume these stories, we only expect you to follow the honor system of ‘Share Box’ by not misusing contents and maintaining the sanctity and purpose of this endeavor.  Anyone can also volunteer to be an author and submit short, non-copyrighted (500 – 1000 words) kid-friendly, uplifting, and inspiring stories. Through volunteers, these stories are shared with kids & their families, especially with those facing hardship for various reasons. The ‘Share Box’ team occasionally delivers printed stories to parents, teachers, & caregivers.

Kids are our future, and ‘Share Box’ hopes to cheer and inspire through stories sourced from every nook and corner of the world and regardless of the boundaries that divide. The ‘Share Box’ believes that every culture, country, religion, tradition, or whatever makes us unique has inspiring stories passed down from one generation to another. These stories could also be the ones that we heard from our parents, grandparents, teachers, relatives, and other individuals. So let’s continue this tradition of storytelling, that’s still the purest, agilest, and most simple way to connect, communicate, and inspire. The “Share Box” attempts to keep that tradition alive while also using this digital medium to inspire kids worldwide.

The ‘Share Box’ team believes that there is a storyteller in each one of us. Let’s use that storyteller to put a smile on a child’s face even if that child is thousands of miles away – the ‘Share Box’ is here to remove any distance and inspire kids around the world with support from authors like you.

Sudhir Shandilya & Late Neo Shandilya (Founders “ShrBox”)