Dolly the Dolphin Fights Pollution

Dolly the dolphin was swimming along minding her own business when, all of a sudden, she found herself in very dark waters. She had never seen water like this before. It was almost black. As she kept swimming, she started to cough. Huge, forceful coughs that wracked her whole body. The water had started to feel very heavy in her gills and she was finding it very hard to swallow. Not knowing what was happening, she began to swim to the surface as fast as her fins would take her to try to get a breath of fresh air.

When her head broke through the water, she immediately came face-to-face with the source of the problem. Directly in front of her was a giant, rusty boat that was dumping gallons and gallons of smelly black oil into the ocean. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing! How could they do this to her home?

She started yelling at them to stop, but her cries were in vain. If anyone on the boat heard her pleas, they paid no attention. They kept dumping their toxic chemicals into the water she lived in, not even caring that the oil was making her skin itch and her muscles ache.

Keeping her head above the water as much as possible, Dolly raced back to her friends to tell them what she had seen. She was certain they would know what to do. But her friends don’t know how to stop it. They’ve seen the boats before, and worse they’ve swam through miles and miles of trash and all kinds of weird chemicals before. Their home was being turned into a giant garbage can and none of them even knew where to start to try and put an end to it.

But Dolly refused to let it keep happening. She had no idea what to do, she only knew that she had to do something. She started conducting research on the boats and pipes that are littering the ocean with chemicals and garbage. She followed the boats to see where they come from and writes down a list of every single one of their names. She also went in search of the garbage pipes near the shore and wrote down the names of all the companies they’re coming out of.

After she had collected enough information, she returned to her friends to begin brainstorming ideas of how to stop the boats and pipes from polluting their ocean. After a few hours, they realized that it’s going to take all of the sea creatures working together to put an end to the pollution.

Immediately, they swam out to get everyone’s help. The whales. The turtles. The sharks. The fish. The crabs. They spoke to every single creature who lived in the sea and called it home.

Once everyone was in, they started plugging up the pipes with massive sea boulders and swimming into the harbors where the oil boats docked to knock them over and damage them as much as possible. They kept this up for months without end, taking shifts as needed and relentlessly damaging the property of every company that had been throwing garbage into the ocean.

Finally, the companies gave up. They had lost too much money on damaged ships and pipes to stay in business. They stopped sailing out into the ocean to dump oil and piping their garbage into the water. The ocean was free of their menace, but the sea creatures knew their work had only just begun.

With as much energy and determination as they had put into stopping the pollution, they began to clean up what was already there. The whales helped with the garbage; scooping as much of into their mouths as possible and dumping it back on the shores where it belonged. While the lobsters and crabs and shrimps and plankton got to work breaking down the oil as best they could. The oil was harder to clean up because their bodies weren’t made to break down such harsh chemicals, and each one could only break down a little each day.

Eventually, though, the oceans were clear once again and all of the sea creatures could swim through the water without having to worry about garbage or oil or anything else.