Differences Are Cool

Differences.jpgMost times I sit in my yard and play music so that the trees would sing along with me. “I’m Flora and I am cool.”  The trees especially love it when I play songs like America the Brave.  They seem to wave their branches as if they were marching to war.  My music goes out into the world and looks for people that are different but cool.  Did you know that differences are what make anything unique?  Now I’m going to play my Leo Delibes Lakme (The Flower Duet) that is my magic music. My music will explore the world in search of anyone or anything that is different.

Oh my, my music found a bee named Bethel that can fly backwards.  He says, ZZZZZZuuuubbbb, instead of Buzzzzz.  “Hey Bethel, that is very cool.”  Bumble bees are one of the largest species of bee.  Bumble Bees are usually found in Northern part of the continent of earth.  Bumble bees are very important pollinators you know.  However, Bethel has a little issue landing when he chooses a flower to pollinate.  Most of the time other bees from the hive laugh at him when he comes in for a landing.  “In the past, it bothered me, but I realized that I’m different but cool,” said Bethel with cheer.  “Once I got comfortable with myself, I became stronger.”

Wow, my music has found a python.  His name is Kramer the Python.  He is blueish gray which is very unique.  Most Pythons are white with patterns of butterscotch.  “Hello all, my name is Kramer the Burmese Python.”  I’m a python and I have often felt alone and sad because I’m so different from other snakes.”  “However, I don’t mind being different, Blue gray is really cool.”  “In my natural habitat I like grassy fields, when anyone sees me coiled up, I can look like a pile of granite rocks.  “I’m different and I know it, but I am okay with my difference.”

My music has found a giraffe name Julia.  Julia is the shortest giraffe in the world.  She lives in Ethiopia and enjoys eating greens from the smaller trees that the taller giraffes don’t see.  Male giraffes get anywhere to 15 to 20 feet tall, where female giraffes only grow to be about 15 to 16 feet tall.  “I am a whopping 12 feet tall.”  “Everyone looks at me and is not sure what to make of me, but I don’t mind being small because I’m unique and different.”  “Differences are cool!”

My music found a little girl name Threta in Australia.  Threta had very long legs that made her taller than most kids.  Not only were her legs longer than most kids at 8 years old, her feet were so much bigger than other kids as well.  She wore a size 10 ½ shoe at the age of 8.  She usually tries to hide her long legs under long skirts that touched the floor.  Whenever, she sat in class she would cross her legs under her dress hiding her feet.  Then a girl who had extremely short legs came into her classroom at school and she couldn’t walk.  She was friendly and did not hide the fact that her legs were shorter than everyone else. “I am Threta from Alice Springs, Australia, and I am different.  I choose to no longer hide my difference under my skirts.”  “I am what I am, I am.”

My music found a writer that sat at his desk 10 hours a day.  He would alternate from a chair, to a yoga ball because he sat, sat, and sat.  His name was Leroy Curtis and he was a famous author.  Leroy was a bit different from most people.  He didn’t go out to shop for groceries, he would order them online.  Leroy didn’t own a car or drive.  If he needed to go somewhere, he would use public transportation.  He didn’t own a television, but he had one room that had nothing but books in it.  People in his neighborhood would talk about him because he rarely came outside.  They often called him Leroy the hermit.  “Hi, my name is Leroy and I am an introvert.”  “That means that I don’t really like going outside and I keep to myself.” “Some people may think that it is unusual, but it is not, it is just me.” I read and write for a living, and some of my most interesting thoughts come when I’m meditating in my house.” “I like who I am.”  “I love to walk barefoot around the house while eating spaghetti and meatballs.”  “I probably didn’t mention it, but I am a good cook.”  “The key to making a good dish of spaghetti and meatballs is to use Italian seasonings and Italian sausage, yum.”  “I implore you to embrace your difference too, because being unique and different is cool.”

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Differences Are Cool