TheNewYearCorbin and Philal were cousins that spent a lot of time together.  They spent so much time together that people thought they were twins.  They lived in New York City and agreed that there was nowhere better than New York.  Corbin and Philal were both 10 years old and very good at soccer.  They played before school, at recess, after school, on the way home from school, and after eating dinner.  Their mothers often had to threaten both of them that they would lose their soccer balls if they did not complete their chores like they were supposed to on a daily basis.  Both Corbin and Philal’s dads worked together in the construction business.  They owned trucks that carried heavy loads to and from construction sites.

New York is nationally known as the great melting pot.  It is one of the largest cities in America.  It is very diverse and that means that there are a lot of different people living there.  When you think of a good stew, you think of potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, meat, and spices.  This is a metaphor for New York because there are a lot of different people in the great cookpot mixing together to make a yummy meal known as New York.  It is spicy and it tastes very good.

I’m Philal and I am an only child.  I think my parents got really busy trying to make a living or something, they haven’t had any more children.  I remember asking my mother for a brother and sister when I was younger, but I don’t ask anymore because Corbin is like my brother.    I’m in 5th grade and have pretty good report card scores.  My parents don’t bother me because I bring home good grades.  When I say they don’t bother me, I mean they don’t nag me like I hear other kids complaining at school.  I really want to be a famous soccer player when I get older.  My favorite soccer player at this time is Messi.  I want to be just like him when I grow up.  Although my father thinks I’m going to take over his trucking construction business, I’m really going to be a famous soccer player.

I’m Corbin and I am the only boy in my family.  I have six sisters.  Yes, I said six sisters.  Every time I look at them at breakfast, I can’t believe it.  It is like my mother and father took one of them and put them on a copy machine and made more.  They are all exactly alike and they get on my nerves exactly alike.  Luckily, I have a great cousin that lives nearby.  His name is Philal and we are like true brothers. It is like we were born to the same family.  Wait, we are born of the same family.  Oh, you know what I mean.  I love soccer but I want to be the Governor of New York one day.  Every year we watch the New Year’s parade live and in living color.  That is my favorite part of New Years.  The Governor of New York is always on the float and he looks like he is having the time of his life.  I want to be just like Governor Cuomo.

Corbin looks up at the clock and sees it is almost time to meet up with Philal.  “Okay mom, all the garbages have been emptied and new liners have been placed in them.”  “Okay, honey, don’t stay out longer than dark and if there are any problems outside make good choices, okay dear.”  Rolling my eyes, of course where my mom couldn’t see me then answering, “Yes, mom, good choices every day!”  “Hey Philal, it is almost New Year’s.”  “I know, I don’t know why this holiday makes me feel so hopeful.”  Corbin said cheerfully.  “I no man, it is almost like we’ve been given a whole new year to get things right.”  They both laughed in agreement and sat down on a nearby curb.  “Have you ever stopped to think what New Year’s is all about?”  Said Corbin.  “No, not really, you?” replied Philal.  “No, me either.”  Corbin replied.  “Hey, let’s take some time and research it on our phones.” Corbin said cheerfully. “Yeah, good idea.”  The two boys sat on their soccer balls on the sidelines of the park.  Occasionally kids would rush by and yell their names, but the two didn’t budge.  They were determined to find out what it was all about.

“Hey Philal, did you know there was a Chinese New Year?”  “Yeah, Corbin, you know it too because we been to the parade for that one too, remember” Philal said, “Oh, yeah, I remember.”  “It begins around January or mid-February.”   “Hey Corbin, did you know that there was a Jewish New Year?”  “What, I had no idea.”  “Me either.” said Corbin with a frown.  “It begins in Autumn.”  “Philal isn’t that between two seasons like summer and fall.” “Yep” Philal agreed.  A ball came flying over the boy’s heads which broke their focus.  “Hey, watch it!” Corbin yelled.  “Philal.” “Yes, Corbin.” “I think we should do this again.”  “Our phones are like mini computers.”  “Anything we want to know is really at our fingertips.”  “What do you say we do a little more research later about The New Year’s holiday.”  Philal said energetically.  “Yeah, let’s do that.”  The boys slid their phones into their packs jumped up and joined the foray at the park.