The Adventures of the Banks Family

Dear diary, I am thankful for my family and of course for this new swim suit, the beach, the sand, and the sound of the waves. Kara spent most Saturdays at the nearby beach because her mother trusted her to walk the two blocks to get there safely. Kara was twelve years old and was a 6th grader at Beaumont Elementary School in San Diego, California

Of Course, when I got home from the beach, I was not surprised to find my dad wrestling with my little brothers and sisters. I stood in the living room and watched the wrestling match. It lasted about 5 minutes and the winners were crowned after pinning dad to the floor for three counts. “Dad, you never win” I said. All eyes turned my way and laughter rang out anew.

Later in the evening after dinner, I spent time talking to a friend on the phone, looking out our city window at all the passerbys, and doing my book report that was due Monday at school. I’m the oldest of all the children and therefore have my own room. I have two littler sisters and two littler brothers. It’s tough being the oldest because I have to be the boss sometimes. I would say, “Tavlin you know you’re not supposed to have more crackers.” or I would say, “Janelle, you cannot keep taking toys out unless you’re going to put some of the old toys you’ve already played with away.” “Sigh,” It is a lot of responsibility.

Breakfast time is an even bigger zoo on Mondays. Breakfasts, lunches, dishes scraped, and coats put on. I ride with my dad to work. This morning on the ride to school dad seemed very quiet, but the girls in the back seat greatly made up for dad’s silence. “Dad, can I have extra money for after school book fair?” Kara said. “Sure, sugar plum. Remind me before you get out of the car.” Hmmm, he seems a bit sad. I’m sure it is nothing.

When I got home, I went straight to my room. I love looking at the city from my window. I immediately opened the books that I got from the book fair and began reading. About an hour later, Tavlin and Thearon came running into the room. “Didn’t I tell you two that you have to knock before entering my room!” “Kara! Kara! we heard mom and dad talking and were going to have to move!” “What, you two are up to your tricks, we’ve lived in this house since I was small.” “We overheard Mom and Dad talking while we were in the basement.” “Both of you go away with your silliness.”

At dinner time, Mom and Dad were less than interesting than usual. I could tell there was something strange going on. Dad said, “kids, I have an announcement.” he took a deep breath before starting to talk again. “We will be moving out of the city to a rural part of California to a town called Los Banos.” Next, everyone all started talking at once. Asking every question that they could think of. My mind was frozen, and I couldn’t think of anything to ask. Then I shouted, “Why!” Mom and dad looked at me sympathetically and said, “we can tell you the details after dinner.” Everyone ate in silence after that.

Well, when we reached Los Banos it was raining. I had time to think the whole ride which was four hours. My father had no choice, his office was closing. I was angry and felt like my parents didn’t care about how I felt. We turned up a long street which had no other houses on it. “We are in the middle of nowhere Mom.” I said with sadness. Mom gave me a sympathetic look. The house was three stories and the top room was supposed to be mine. I would have a whole floor to myself.

The first couple of nights all the kids did not want to sleep in their own beds. I had the whole 3rd floor to myself which was cool but will be starting a new school in a few days and wasn’t sure about all these new changes. Mom came to my room and took out some of her fun nail polishes and asked if she could come in and do my nails. I didn’t want to continue being grumpy, so I allowed my mom to come in. She wanted me to know that she was there for me and that if I ever wanted to talk, I could come to her. “Thank you, mom, I will remember that.” That evening I felt better about everything. My family is the most important thing to me. I need to be a better daughter and a better big sister. My parents need me to help them not to cause problems. When I looked out my window that evening, I saw my parents walking in the rain. I sighed and got into my bed.

The rain stopped the next day. When the sun came out, I devised a plan. I told all the kids to get their warm boots and coats on. “Tavlin and Thearon ran around the house refusing to cooperate, but after I caught them, they gave in. We all went outside in our rain boots and ran through every puddle we could find.

When we returned to the house all wet and dirty, we saw our parents at the door.

They told us to wait right there. When they returned, they had their coats and rain boots on too. They came outside and shouted, “let’s go guys!” We all ran through every puddle on the property until we were again soaked with water and mud. We all laughed, laughed, and laughed. It wasn’t such a bad new house. After all, I would have the same family and I loved them.

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