Jorge Doesn’t Forget

three boy s jumping into the water

Jorge woke up bright and early. He was too excited to sleep. The day before, he had met a boy at the pool who was lots of fun, and their moms had promised they could meet at the pool again today!

He hopped out of bed and looked at the sun just coming over the horizon. It was still too early for the pool, but they would go soon! Pulling on his swimsuit, he looked all over for his towel. He also found his box of playing cards, because he had promised Mason he would bring them today.

The playing cards were special. He and his best friend, Noah, had collected them together. You had to get them from all kinds of places- cereal boxes, store giveaways, special packets at the store, and one time even in the newspaper! Over the last two years, he and Noah had gotten more than fifty of them.

Jorge felt uneasy for a moment- he suddenly remembered he was supposed to ride bikes with Noah today. But he really wanted to go to the pool! He was sure Noah would understand. Besides, he had promised Mason yesterday to come, too. Oh well.

The sun seemed to creep across the sky as Jorge waited for time to go to the pool. He thought the time would never come! But finally, finally, his mom called his name from downstairs and told him to get in the van. Jorge rushed downstairs so fast he tripped and scraped his knee on the last step. But he hopped up and jumped in the car without complaining at all.

As they pulled out of the driveway, Jorge’s mom pointed across the street. Noah was outside with his bike, looking confused as he watched the van go by. Jorge sunk as low as he could in his seat and tried to be invisible.

“Jorge, why is Noah out there looking for you? Were you supposed to meet him?” his mom asked.

“Well, yeah, but…”

“No buts, Jorge,” his mom interrupted. “You need to keep your word. You’re going to hurt Noah’s feelings.”

Jorge’s heart sank. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see Noah, but he was so excited to go to the pool with Mason!

“Hey, Noah!” Jorge’s mom called from the car window. “What are you doing today?”

“I’m supposed to ride bikes with Jorge!” Noah yelled back.

Jorge’s mom looked back at him and frowned. “I’m a little disappointed in you,” she said.

“Noah, why don’t you ask your mom if you can go to the pool with us?” Jorge’s mom then asked Noah. The boy nodded excitedly and ran his bike back into the garage. He disappeared into the house for a few moments, then ran back out with a towel and a swimsuit.

“I’m sorry,” Jorge said to Noah when he got in the car. “But now you can meet Mason! He’s really cool. You’ll like him a lot.”

Noah smiled and said, “It’s ok. I know you were excited to go to the pool. And I’m glad I get to meet your new friend!”

Jorge was glad that Noah understood. And now they were all going to hang out together!

When they got to the pool, Jorge introduced Noah and Mason. The three boys got along great, and spent the whole day playing in the pool. They only took a break to eat lunch and look at Noah and Jorge’s cards. He was grateful they had all become friends together.