Over the Clouds

flight flying plane air travel

Seamus stood on his seat in the plane, looking around. He was really nervous. This plane was huge! There were twenty seats in every row, and they were so close together. All the adults kept saying “sorry, sorry” because it was so hard not to bump each other. They were all packed in tight.

He was nervous, too, because it was his first time flying. They were going on a vacation, and they were going to fly over a whole ocean to get there! Seamus couldn’t swim very well. He hoped the plane had enough fuel.

His mom sat next to him. She was dressed nicely, in a blue suit. He wondered why she wasn’t wearing a t-shirt like him, since they were going on vacation.

The flight lasted a long time. Even though he was nervous, Seamus fell asleep part way across the ocean. Soon he was waking up to the landing gear thumping on the runway as they landed. He looked out the window and was amazed to see mountains, tall in front of him. They were in Germany.

Seamus followed his mom off the plane in the long line of people. His heart was pounding as they stepped off the plane into the airport- everyone was talking funny! None of them spoke his language. If he was lost, he couldn’t ask anyone for help. He gripped his mom’s hands tighter.

The two of them left the airport in a car and drove to a hotel in the city nearby. Soon they were out of the door again, walking down a main street. There was a lot to see! Some of the people were wearing funny shorts or long socks. Others were talking very fast on their phones. Seamus thought they sounded a little funny.

That afternoon, Seamus and his mom rode a huge carousel. In fact, they rode it three times, because Seamus wanted to ride the lion, the blue horse, and the dolphin. It was fun going up and down.

The next day, the two of them went for a walk nearby. It was hard going up the big hills by the mountains. Seamus was huffing and puffing. But soon they reached the top. Seamus could see everything below him- the woods, the city, the farms. It was amazing! He had never seen so much before.

They spent their whole trip like that, eating food with silly names and exploring new places. Seamus used to think that people in other countries must be really weird, but he was starting to see they weren’t so different.

They all played games, and talked on the phone. They like to go for walks and eat a nice dinner with people they liked. Seamus was learning a lot on his trip!

By the time they went back to the airport, Seamus was very tired. However, he almost didn’t want to leave! There was still so much to see and explore. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends about it.

He stayed awake almost the whole way home, holding his mom’s hand and looking out the window at the clouds over the big grey ocean. It wasn’t so scary, now that he knew what fun things could be on the other side. He couldn’t wait to go to another country again soon.