Nessie and Katrina

scenic view of dramatic sky during winter

Over Loch Ness, in Scotland, a storm was brewing. The clouds rolled, and thunder growled. Here and there lightning burst into view. The weather was angry and wild, and it wasn’t the only one.

Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, looked at the ice above him with determination. He hadn’t planned on this. He had tried biting it; he had tried hitting it with his tail. He had even tried going to the bottom of Loch Ness and swimming up at it as fast as he could to ram it with his head, but that only gave him a mild concussion. He wouldn’t give up, though. He had to break that ice!

Only a few hours earlier, he had received Katrina’s letter. Katrina was a girl in the town by Loch Ness. He wasn’t sure how the letter had gotten through the ice, but so would he.

Dear Nessie,

I miss you! We haven’t seen each other in so long. Soon I will be an old, old, woman and you won’t think I am pretty anymore. Good thing you like that I am so smart and generally awesome, too.

Please send me your reply soon! I will be waiting at the window.



Nessie knew what “xoxo” meant. He had to reply! The problem was, he couldn’t hold a pen very well with no arms. Sometimes being a giant, horrific sea monster was hard. But that was why he had come up with his plan. And then the ice happened.

Nessie swam around under the ice, looking for inspiration. Suddenly, he spotted it. There was a tiny hole in the ice! It was half the size of one of his nostrils, and there were a couple of little strings hanging from it. He swam up to it. Through the ice, he could see a couple small, dark shadows. He stuck his tongue through the hole to investigate and accidentally licked up one of the ice fishermen sitting there. He went ahead and slurped him down, even though he thought Scottish Snacks wasn’t that hungry.

Toughened up by his snack and the knowledge that Katrina was waiting in the town by the lake, Nessie went back down to the bottom of the lake. He summoned all of his strength, then swam FAST. He swam straight at that little hole. And sure enough, when he hit it, the ice shattered and he was above the water!

Nessie swam through the ice, which he could now break easily. He made his signature sea monster shapes to scare the villagers. Then, he curled his tail up over his back into the shape of a heart. He was still pretty dizzy from hitting the ice, so it was kind of crooked. But she would know what he meant. What a great day to be a sea serpent.

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